Lyons Properties
Lyons Properties are Williams family owned and operated Apartment Communities in

Northern Spokane.  Though our family have owned apartments in the Tacoma area

spanning back to the late 1930's, we purchased our first Spokane property in 1980 and have

been bringing our same hands-on-owners approach to rental properties over in Spokane as

well ever since.

Mark the Pond Guy
The large waterfalls featured in front of several of our properties were all designed by Mark

Harp and created by his expert crew.  They deliver very high quality water features which

then operate on a virtually maintenance-free basis.

NW Playground
We recently installed commercial playgrounds at our Lyons Crest & Lyons Glenn properties. 

NW Playground's entire staff provided exceptional customer service, and the quality of their

playgrounds speak for themselves.



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